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Our Booksellers
By Booth Numbers

Booth 1 • Mori Books Children's Illustrated & Series, Americana, Modern Firsts, Boy & Girl Scouts, Sports, Counter Culture, Cookbooks

Booth 2 • Intergalactic Trading Photoplays, Movie & TV Books

Booth 3 • Lighthouse Books, FABA, ABAA, ILAB Floridiana, Americana, Caribbean, Literature of the South, Military History, General Antiquarian, Maps, Appraisals

Booth 4 • Cleveland Book Company Modern First Editions, Americana, Ephemera, General

Booth 5 • Liberty Book Store, ABAA, FABA General Antiquarian

Booth 6 • A-Book-A-Brac Shop, FABA Art, Architecture, Medicine, Photography, Hunting, Firearms, Fishing, Military, First Editions, General, Appraisal Services

Booth 7 • Florida Bibliophile Society A congenial organization of Book Lovers, Collectors, Readers, Buyers, Sellers, and Assorted Eccentrics, the men and women of the Florida Bibliophile Society are lovers of books from all walks of life who have been meeting and talking about books since 1983.

Booths 8, 9 • The Ridge Books Books and Ephemera Southern, African-American, Music, Native American, General

Booths 10, 11 • Back in Time Rare Books, FABA General

Booths 12, 13 • Glover's Bookery, ABAA, ILAB General, Scarce, Rare and Antiquarian Books

Booth 14 • The Book Chaser, FABA Florida, Science, Nature, Children's

Booth 15 • Brant’s Books, FABA Antiquarian, Modern, Older Sets, Vintage Children’s, Ephemera

Booth 16 • Yesterday's Books General Stock

Booth 17 • Vivian Moore - Bookseller, FABA General emphasizing Florida, Americana, Children's, Civil War, Ephemera

Booths 18, 19 • William Hutchison Books General

Booth 20 • Ed's Editions LLC, ABAA, ILAB General

 Booth 21  • West Side Book Shop, ABAA, ILAB Travel & Literary First Editions, Americana, Children's

Booth 22 • Evening Star Books, ABAA, ILAB Literature of all periods, Philosophy, Travel & Exploration, Modern First Editions

Booth 23 • Little Button Rose Vintage Children's, Literature: Alcott,
Hemingway, Tolkien, etc.

Booths 24, 25 • Colebrook Book Barn, ABAA, ILAB First Americana, General Antiquarian

Booth 26 Cardtique Victorian Ephemera, Valentines, Trade Cards

Booth 27 • Quadrille Victorian Ephemera, Pre-Victorian Ephemera

Booth 28 • Doyle's Books Modern First Editions, Literature

Booth 29 • Camelot Books & Gifts Inc., FABA Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror

Booth 30 • Heartwood Books & Art, FABA, ABAA, ILAB First Editions, Mystery & Detective Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror & Supernatural Fiction, Popular Fiction, Pulp Magazines, Original Illustration Art, Illus.

Booth 31 • Kurt A. Sanftleben, ABAA, ILAB Ephemera and unique original source Americana: personal narratives, diaries, work correspondence, photograph albums, scrapbooks, and similar items.

Booth 32 • Toadlily Books, ABAA, ILAB Children’s, Occult, Books about Books, LGBTQI, Women, Illustrated, Cookbooks, Ephemera

Booth 33 • Shelf Indulgence First & Signed, Contemporary Science Fiction and Fantasy

Booth 34A • A. Parker's Books Inc., FABA, ABAA, ILAB Art, Fine Bindings, Literature

Booth 34B • Book Bazaar, Inc., FABA Modern First Editions, Sets, History

Booths 35, 36 • Copperfish Books, LLC, FABA Florida, Children's, Classics, Ephemera, General

Booth 37 • Grayshelf Books Modern First Editions

Booth 38 • Everglades Fine Books, Inc. Leather, Early Printing, Fine Bindings, Floridiana, Nautical & Marine, General

Booth 39 • New World Maps, Inc., FABA Original and collectible antique and collectible maps and atlases, with an extensive inventory of transportation related folding maps, travel brochures, and paper ephemera.

Booth 40 • Bauman Rare Books, ABAA, ILAB Americana, Autographs, Children's Books, History, Literature

Booth 41 • Shaw's Books Leather Bindings, Signed Books, Literature, Fore-Edges, Americana, Civil War, Illustrated, Sports, Travel, Transportation, Fur Trade, Ephemera, Collectible Books in Many Subject Areas

Booth 42 • Imperial Fine Books, Inc., ABAA, ILAB Leatherbound Sets, Fine Bindings, Rare Books

Booth 43 • The Book Block, LLC, ABAA, ILAB Fine & Rare Books, including Illustrated, Literature, Private Press, Fine Printing & Binding, Americana, Dance of Death; Appraisals

Booth 46 • Bookleggers Fine Books, ABAA, ILAB Fine Books: Science Fiction, Literature, Poetry, History, Fine Bindings

Booth 47 • William Chrisant & Sons, FABA, ABAA, ILAB Fine Books & Library Furnishings

Booth 48 • Paul & Elaine Jones, Booksellers Signed Modern First Editions

Booth 49 • Stroud Booksellers, ABAA, ILAB Theology & Church History, 16th – 19th Centuries, West Virginia

Booth 50 • Antique Book Central General Antiquarian

Booths 51, 52Blind Horse Books, FABA, ABAA, ILAB Building Great Collections, One Fine Book at a Time. Pleased to Present Travel, Exploration, Geography, and Books of Significance

Booths 53, 54 Inklings Book Shoppe, LLC Vintage paperbacks, Pulps, Space-era Sci-fi/Fantasy, and early 1900s Children’s Detective Series

Booth 55 • Books on Bay Spectacular Vintage Books, 1600s to 1900s

Booth 56 • Books of the Ages Children’s, Illustrated, Tasha Tudor, Michael Hague, Pop Ups, Caldecott and Newbery Award Winners, Tolkien, Little House Books, Series, Autographed

Booth 57 Sonny Ideker, Bookseller Antiquarian

Booth 58 Cattermole 20th Century Children's Books

Booth 59 Locke & Hartsfield Antique Books & First Editions, Children’s, Military, Old Prints, Daguerrotypes & Union Cases, Tintypes

Booths 60, 61 • Underground Books, LLC General, Scholarly Works in All Fields, Mythology & Folklore, Science & Nature, Women's History, Occult & Esoteric, Publisher’s Cloth Bindings, Print Curiosities, Bookish Gifts

Booth 62 As Time Goes By General

Booth 63 • Tennyson Williams, Books & Fine Art

Booth 64 • DoraLynn Books, LLC, FABA Signed Books, Modern First Editions, Mystery & Science Fiction, Americana, Ephemera

Booth 65 • Foster Books, FABA Signed, Children's, Illus., Series, Juvenile, Biography, Music, Entertainment, Cookbooks, Modern Firsts, Pop Culture, Gen

Booths 66, 67 • The First Edition Rare Books U.S. Political History, Signed Books, Limited Editions, Military History

Booth 68 • Citation Books, ABAA, ILAB General

Booth 69 • Sleuth Books Juvenile Series, Florida History, Sports, Literature

Booth 70 • Stand-Up Librarian Designs Literary Fashions

Booth 71 • Imperial House Books Vintage Halloween, WWI Aviation

Booth 72 • Michael Tormey Books 20's, 30's, 40's Detective Fiction; Books into Film; Literary High Spots

Booth 73 • Tippecanoe Antiques Trader Unusual Topics & Titles; Florida; Natural History

Booth 74 • Caroliniana, ABAA, ILAB Americana, Ephemera, Photographs, General Antiquarian

Booth 75 • Crow Hop Rare Books Americana, Archives & Collections, Photography, Ephemera

Booth 76 • Americana Books, ABAA, ILAB History, Travel, Exploration,General Stock, Ephemera

Booth 77 • Kenneth Mallory, Bookseller, ABAA, ILAB Art, Architecture, Photography, General.

Booth 78 • David McCord, Bookseller Buying & selling quality books, photographs and primary source materials in all fields.

Booth 79 • The Philosophy Store Philosophy, Economics, History,
Science, General

Booth 80 • K & S Fine Art Books, Prints, Maps

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